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New York, NY 10075
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Nature vs. Nurture?

Most providers, and I am in this group, adhere to a model that includes genetics and environmental factors

If I am addicted to a substance does that mean I will be addicted to all substances?

No, however if the catalysts of my addiction are not resolved I will find myself substituting all types of behavior to distance from my feelings. Most people who enter treatment have experimented with a variety of substances and have not become addicted to each and every one of those substances.

Group vs. individual treatment

Treatment matching, the process of care plan development, is an individually driven process. Typically clients will experience both modalities at different times during treatment


Do you take insurance?

No, I am an “out of network” provider. I provide invoices with appropriate coding for submission to all insurance carriers however clients are responsible for complete and timely payments of all invoices.

Where are you located?

49 East 78th St. (Near Madison Ave.) New York, NY, Suite 2A.

What are days and times of operation?

I facilitate day and evening groups and am available Monday through Friday from 8:30 until 7:30pm on select evenings for individual sessions.